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Our Vision and Values 

We will strive to make a difference within our respective communities, helping adults and children fulfil their potential through new opportunities 

We will promote open access and an inclusive environment, providing opportunities to all and ensuring that there are no financial, social, cultural, religious or skills-based barriers to arts participation 

“Allegri” is Italian for “cheerful” and we will aim to live up to this name every time we perform together, combining hard work and fantastic performing opportunities with laughter and enjoyment, making memories and building friendships 

We will develop opportunities for camaraderie and teamwork, improving health and social wellbeing, developing confidence and self-esteem, and harnessing the creativity and self-expression of individuals 

We will make rehearsals and performances uplifting and energizing experiences 

We will operate in a spirit of “pay it forward”, working beyond self-interest to inspire people and invest in our communities 

We will aim to keep our repertoire original and varied, and maintain the high standard of our choral work by employing professional facilitators. We will provide opportunities to perform in high profile settings and to wide and varied audiences 

We will challenge traditional perceptions, dispelling the sometimes-held myth that choral and orchestra music and performance is an inaccessible or elitist activity 

We will inspire audiences through a wide range of music, inviting them to share in the joy which music brings 

We believe very strongly in the power of the arts as a community development tool and are committed to raising the standard of arts practice in our city and further afield. We will positively engage with wider community development initiatives 

We will use music to promote cross-cultural understanding and empathy and as a means to build positivity and healing within Northern Ireland’s post-conflict shared future 

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